Sunday, February 04, 2007

Google Desktop to kick Yahoo! Widgets

According to recent researches Google Desktop is getting far more acceptable by the users than the Yahoo! Widgets. Why so?

This article is intended to give a clue on why people are using Google Desktop or having a sweet spot for it.

Google Desktop is a simple!

The widgets you use with Google Desktop are simple and elegant. They give you just enough swing to do the job you want to do. You have your calender, your gmail and so on... what so ever you say! Yahoo! has integrated their services with their widgets long ago too. Yes! In fact Yahoo! widgets are currently more powerful than the Google one but their approach is far too different from the Google one.
Yahoo uses a widget engine which operates and loads every widget like another process unlike Google widget engine which loads the widgets "within it's own process".
But really is this good ?
Yes! It is!

Google Desktop is by far faster than Yahoo! Widgets ... Yahoo! Widgets get the upper hand if running one widget but putting like 10 widgets running on both engines Google Desktop is by far the WINNER!

Beside benchmarking and a bit of technological difference Google is much more different and powerful than Yahoo in the sense of SEARCH.
Well as we know the giant ;) in that view GOOGLE of course is always oriented towards information and finding it... weather, news, shopping, mapping ... Google finds it ;) Yahoo long ago saw this and is by far the best concurrent of Google but when speaking for the Desktop Widgets Yahoo! really didn't throw much search capability in it.
Google have!

Here is a short list of comparison between the two products
Google | Yahoo!
G simplicity and usability
Y more complexity

G search oriented
Y design oriented

G being fast when dealing with more than 5 widgets
Y getting slower with more than 5 widgets

G integrated company services
Y integrated company sercices

G developers ease and support is good
Y developers support and ease is good because of being on the market longer than the opponent

G simple design and functionality ... having simple, elegant widgets for the everyday tasks
Y complex and good design but user experience isn't good with some of the widgets
for the everyday work

After giving a short summarization of all that is on the internet and my own research I like to put a few words about the services and the products both Companies offer and why I personally have switched to Google Desktop.

1. Having the Yahoo! Widget engine working with more than 5 widgets rendered my NOTEBOOK (which is not the cutting edge stuff) useless sometimes when developing software

2. Most of the widgets couldn't be resized and so on fitting more comfortably on my desktop unlike Google Desktop which can resize every single widget so you can make it fit better

3. This one is because I personally like GMail instead of Yahoo! Mail which is more colorful and so on... :) so using a Google account is more integrated with every single service of Google unlike Yahoo! (which isn't far behind)

4. TODO lists, Scratch Pads and so on statistics and note takers the everyday task widgets on Google Desktop far more suits me than what Yahoo! had offered.

And the conclusion is!
My research shows that people seeking information and IT people (programmers/developers,administrators,webmasters) are more comfortable with and prefer Google Desktop while most of the so called normal average desktop users and designers and people that are always creative(sometimes meaning over creative) and so on likes the beauty of Yahoo! Widgets.

I personally find Google Desktop more robust and "TO DO THE WORK" software but this is my experience!

So what do you say ?

Comments on the topic are highly appreciated...


Anonymous said...

What I really find annoying is that Yahoo are having great widgets for TODO lists and stuff like that as you say but they are Yahoo account specific :(
I therefor use Gooooogle :)

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