Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ruby - the power of simplicity

I expect that most of you have already heard of RUBY.
If not! Well RUBY is the new hot programming language... as always new doesn't really mean it has been released yesterday but it is a newcomer to the world of programming language popularity.

Why is ruby hot?
Well RUBY is all about simplicity.
You know when you switched from C or Java to PHP when developing web based applications and saw how PHP deals fast and easy with web oriented stuff... so does RUBY.
Actually RUBY has been planed all around web application development. It focus on simplicity and elegance. It is a mix between PHP,PYTHON and maybe JAVA. You know! Everything in RUBY is an object! Yes! That is true :) everything is an object so for the object oriented developers it is really a good one ;)
But what is a programming language without the TOOLS.

Ruby on Rails is a framework that will help you deploy everything almost out of the box. It is really made simple, elegant and very very powerful!
The actual idea of Ruby and Ruby on Rails is to enable the developer to focus on the actual problems ... what the user see and get... not the background stuff and all the silly little problems but the actual problems and solving them.

If you think I am over happy with ruby and I talk this because I am a ruby developer you can see the statistics at TIOBE
Yes that is right :) RUBY has gained an enormous popularity recently and stepped 10 positions above. Eventually I should tell you that the trends for 2007 are like this:
1. Microsoft Vista entering slowly on Desktop PC
2. Ruby gaining vast popularity among web developers
3. ...

Hmmm sounds good right ? :)
So to make you over happy I will tell you more on Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is the software you need for ruby development.
You remember when I said about making something almost out of the box ?
Well ruby on rails enables you to have UNIT testing on the fly... database stuff that generates by default and you know it is really a good software. The people from 37signals have really done again a great job with this peace of software.
What really makes people like RUBY and RUBY ON RAILS is that 37signals designed Rails with simplicity, elegance and POWER in mind. All you need to setup for the proper development of an application is made simple and powerful and you can come up with UNIT TESTS (for example) in the blink of an eye... it is made automatically for you.

But enough talking you can see more about RUBY on


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