Monday, March 24, 2008


SEO Contest 2008

We support the SEOCONTEST2008 -

You can see their web page at the

seocontest 2008 uk

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Яицазимитпо Лъгуг - гугъЛ ОптимизациЯ

Яицазимитпо Лъгуг - гугъЛ ОптимизациЯ.

Яицазимитпо Лъгуг или гугъЛ ОптимизациЯ на обратно. Ето и за сега печелившият сайт по "Яицазимитпо Лъгуг" търсенето в Google. Яицазимитпо Лъгуг е фраза от SEO състезанието, което започна на скоро. Ето и малко инфо в SVEJO.NET на темата Яицазимитпо Лъгуг - гугъЛ ОптимизациЯ.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to easily upgrade your notebook to an Apple Macbook Pro

After serious amount of time spend researching I found an easy way of upgrading your standard notebook to a powerful Macintosh notebook.

The steps and hardware required are minimal.

Things we need to prepare:

  1. Linux CD (Open SuSE + Gnome)
  2. an apple (yellow is preferred)
  5. and the notebook itself
OK after we prepared our hardware for the upgrade we need to put the Linux CD into the CD/DVD drive and install it. Assuming the installation went without no problems and we have it installed we proceed to step two.

Grab the apple and put it on the notebook. The notebook should be closed. Then take the hammer and smash it. A better effect could be done if you bite off some of the apple. Also if you chosen a yellow apple the effect will be better if your notebook is black colored.
(note: if you have some cool M$ notebook you might not want to smash the apple on it cause they give some nasty blue screen after the smash)

After we did step 2 we need to take the TAPE and stick the apple with it to the cover of the notebook where we have smashed it.

The result shall be astonished enough.
Look at this successful upgrade

And one of the unsuccessful upgrades

And for those of you who did believed this till now ;) ... it's an 1-st of April joke :P
As a Linux and Mac user I respect Macs and so I joke a bit with them :)

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