Tuesday, January 23, 2007


An USA research tells that the very popular myth of "WOMEN BEING BAD DRIVERS" or "MAN CAN DRIVE BETTER THAN WOMEN" is actually wrong! The university of "Carnegy Meltun" CMU.edu says that the chances a man dies in a car accident is 77% bigger than those of a woman. For the research ordered by AAA ААА was build a special web page which every driver can sign in with his own parameters like age,sex,driving hours and so on... On the base of this information and the statistics the system performed the possibility of the drivers being in a situation that indangered his life. Sometimes the reports are very interesting ;)

The possibility of a 82 years old woman driver being in an accident that can cause death is much bigger than of a young 16-23 years old driver.
Women drivers are not so confident but in the same time the young men are not so mature and with little experience like drivers and have a very strong emotion to take dangerous risks when driving.
Men are dangerous cause thay just do silly things with their car (when driving) explains Poll Fishback from Carnegy Melun. According to the university stats the most dangerous wheel is "the small bicycle" and the most secure the minivan or the school bus ;)
Most accidents were measured Saturday.
The most dangerous time is 2am.
Most accidents are reported October while February is the most safest.
The drivers with less accidents are drivers between 40 and 50 years.

Statistics tell that in the period 1999-2004 in 116 493 from the death accidents were caused by a man while women drivers were just 40 381 of the times!
At the year 1998 the count of women and men drivers is almost equal!

I wonder how our country statistics are right now :)
I still think that the computer who made those statistics was a women pc ;)


Anonymous said...

I think your statistics are VERY misleading. It is true that male get into more accidents then their female counterparts; however it must be noted that males do a VAST majority of the driving on the roads. That is males drive more miles (on average) then females.

When you redo the numbers to a more fitting ratio that includes a factor for miles driven you get:

men: 5.1 crashes/million miles
women: 5.7 creashes/million miles

Thus using these stats it is WOMEN are not as good drivers.

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