Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well obviously for me there is interest in what I am writing after all... the statistics show:

29 178 Visits

32 497 Page views

That is statistic from the start of this till now... guess what ?!? It isn't even a month ;)
This is from 3-th of January till now!

This is wonderful!
After all I am not spending so much time in front of my notebook or desktop PC (beside working at job :) ) for this blog has shown me that a person really can write about things on his heart ... things that has happened to him and so on... and they have value for people. So thanks again for e-mailing and commenting on my blog.

Funny I didn't remember giving my e-mail here ?!?

As soon as I get rid of my work that is connected with my job I will drop a surprise for you here :)
OK I will tell what it is actually ;)
It is a bunch of XHTML and CSS guides, tutorials, how-to ... name it what ever you like!
There is also a bit of PHP code too ;)

So I hope it will be an interesting source of information and even something you can put in use just out of the box.

Greetings to all of you!