Sunday, January 21, 2007

Looking for a Delphi like thing on LINUX ?

Well there isn't much time needed to think and we will come up with KYLIX. But isn't there something that is both not BORLAND and does give us quite a lot of useful things to do only with the mice ... do the things on linux we want to do ... without doing a nasty coding but more of designing our application with just the mouse ?

Well there is something ;)


It is a KDE thing but is just what we need... it does feels like BASH scripting but
offers us a way to escape from the konsole. I aways wanted to BASH script a Desktop application with all the GUI and so on :) now I got a chance.
This TOOL isn't actually very new... it exist from quite a lot of time but according to my recent research which was inspired from just asking about a tool which will offer me the ease of use to do a simple NOTE TACKER application... I was given quite a lot answers and finally KOMMANDER was introduced to me in it's full glory :)
So you might want to take a look at the link I provided and also you might find these links also useful:

So why I did wrote this again.
I did wrote this article to remind the world about this TOOL.
When I did asked for the tool to do my NOTE TACKER application I was flooded with C and C++ things... QT ... python and so on!