Monday, January 15, 2007

Why apple are such a success?

A friend of mine asked me this question lately. He said:
"Well I will always buy a normal PC for less money than the MAC and it will serve me even better than the MAC, apple are offering me."

So we spoke a bit about apple and so on... mentioning Creative, Microsoft and so on... speaking about IPod, Mac and so on...

But why is really Apple so successful with it's products?

The key to this is exactly the opposite of what Microsoft's Chairman Bill Gates recently said about variety of the products and that software and hardware vendor shouldn't be the same. Apple done pretty well for most of the world with their design. Every singe one looking at IPod NANO say:
"wow! What a simple cool design! And how do they manage to get all this GB in there ?"

Truth is they made it as it should be! They made what the end user really wants!
Many companies use a strategy of cutting off some of the hardware coolnesses so that they lower the price. They offer cheap design or not so fast processing units or just not a complete set of software for their product. But apple did just fine with does things. The price of their products is no doubt. It is not cheap! Especially for small countries like mines it is really not the first MP3 player that will come in your mind to take as a gift for someone who hasn't got one.

As I said MS Bill Gates said something about Hardware and Software vendor variety. But who needs variety if we got one single cool, stable thing out there which just works! And improves every single day!

Many said about MAC being overrun by the INTEL processor so they are doing to loose market share. Well ain't true! The power of MAC never was only the CPU so despite the migration MAC will remain a bunch of software and hardware mixed in a HOLLY way so they work at the MAX power!

Why I am going to buy a MAC?
Or an IPod?
Well cause I don't want to spend my time at the office of some low cost company telling them that the product they offered me is not doing the thing it was said... or not doing it as advertised.
And besides! Who wants to have a BRICK about 20x20inc which is called an MP3 player and is about 4 kg and wear this on his neck for example ;)

Well this was an answer to my friend and a short review of what I think of Apple.
Have fun and remember!
Always buy the thing that isn't cheaper but efficient so that you don't curse yourself latter that it doesn't serve it's purpose well or as expected ;) always spend a little more so that you are happy after the shopping ;)


Anonymous said...

While your final point is valid, your post does little to explain why apple is "successful" (or is it?). Apple used to be the one of the dominating PC suppliers back in 80s, until it got beaten by the IBM-compatible PCs. Apple is still a rather successful company though. The major profits are now coming from iPod and iTune shop. Perhaps you should change the title to "Why iPod is such a success?"

So why is iPod so successful? It is because apple done a good job on marketing it, provided a good package of services and designed the nice-looking case. The success got nothing to do what the users really need for a mp3 player. People buy it because it is COOL, not because it is more useful than other players.

We always need variety. If we insisted on staying with THE one single cool, stable thing out there which just works! then we probably are still using Unix.

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