Monday, January 15, 2007

Firefox 3 on the way

The developers of Firefox 3 have confirmed the list of changes in the third version of the most popular Web Browser.

From the compulsory list we can state the following "must do" things:

* Enchanted work of the manager for add-ons as well as simplified installation and more comfortable interface for tweaking

* An option for a more tight integration with web services like click on mailto:
This can be tweaked to find Gmail or to be redirected to open a file from Google Documents

* WYSIWYG template of the pages ready for printing

* Support for Microsoft CardSpace and OpenID

* New system for informing developers for crash of the browser

Other functions that might be build in Firefox 3:

* Anonymous surfing of the web - when no info is left in the cache of the browser and no info is left in the history

* An option for storing the pages in PDF format

* Group look of the contents of tabs on one page - like foXpose extension

* Function for installing and activating of add-ons without restart of the browser

for more info you might search in here

I personally wish that they make a functional X11 session support

Lets hope that we enjoy this great release in the 2007 with the biggest market share ever ;)