Friday, January 12, 2007

Linux people are sexy!

If you think LINUX is only an operating system you were WRONG !!!
If you think LINUX is only a way to do job or money you were WRONG !!!

Well many of us know that most of the people using linux have a sweet spot for it. It is sometimes like a secret passion for it... no matter for administering a network, developing or desktop use a linux guy is a passionate user of this operating system. According to some materials in the world wide web :) was found that men using linux have not only developed a passion for it but also for a lot of other things in someway. Well I started my own research and found out that LINUX MEN were at all passionate people and they really did almost everything in their life with fun and passion.

What I found out recently was surprising!
I found that many HATERS (so called by me people that just hate everything surrounding them) switch their point of view after starting using a LIXUX OS. I mean they started all positive thoughts and become somewhat different people. This was very strange for me so I wanted to pull my research at the next level. I did asked them questions that revealed me information about this topic but they did not understood that I was making any kind of research. Then I went to some girlfriends of them and spoke with them about their relation ships. Some of them didn't quite submit the info I wanted but others where kind enough to respond to my research.

Well the surprising fact was that some girls and ex ones did agree to experiment. I asked them to put t-shirts on a penguin or something that will remind their beloved one about linux or something like that. So a few of them get KDE t-shirts and a few others made themselves penguin T-shirts .... third group just buy one from the internet.

So the next step was to wait... I actually almost forget about this research after time, but I recently met an old girl friend and she reminded me about this :)
So I interviewed her and opened my research again. I called some of the girls that were participating in my research and take them to a cafe. I didn't even spoke about the topic and 90% of them started as a second topic on the meeting the LINUX MEN PASSION topic. They said that their boyfriends totally freaked out about the penguin :) after a while they became more passionate and increased the amount of time spend on their relation ships. So girls where totally satisfied with the result. They even told me about hanging around only with the LINUX t-shirt (I actually mean without much clothes on) which was the TOP of the iceberg ;) boys just freaked out with this exotic women behavior. This actually verify an old post I found before quite some time about a women doing this with her boyfriend.

But here comes the interesting part which I didn't believed for true.


Girls say that they never experienced such a passion before :)

So here are the statistics:

83 girls participated
- 67 voted for a very good relation ship after the LINUX t-shirt experiment (54 said that their intimate life was better too after the experiment)
- 8 said bad things
- 8 said they didn't found change or that their boyfriends behave not bad but differently and they couldn't say if it is good or bad

As part of the results I will reveal that some of those girls said that they achieved this thanks to their LINUX t-shirt while those with the KDE one weren't so successful... no offens to KDE... I am currently using it from about 5+ years and counting :)

So as a conclusion I want to say that the LINUX penguin logo and even the sign LINUX is a good stimulant for most of the hackers out there :) so girls if you are desperate to draw the attention of your beloved one from the PC to you ... go get a cool t-shirt ;)
If you don't know where to get it :) well try one of the Linux Distributions Home Page (it is better to be his favorite distro ;) ) they usually sell such things or just try finding one at e-Bay.

So good luck with your man ;)


It will be interesting for me to find out if this works on girls too so if someone has info please share it with us!

Bad that I do not know a lot of LINUX girls to test this myself ;)