Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bulgaria in EU

This is an off topic article about my country!


Since many people find this a big advantage for our country I found useful to put a few words in here. So we talk about Bulgaria getting part of Europe but why are you saying this nonsense!?!?
Bulgaria was always in Europe so please don't use those words.

Bulgaria is a good country and it has many good sides. While some fellows don't really realize it Bulgaria is like a big magnet for all the big companies out there. I will not go into details cause I don't know the terms for these taxes and so on that attracts all the companies. If you don't believe me I will give you an example of HP building its Clients Support Center in Bulgaria.
And about the tourism well I don't have to even doubt at that... see for yourself.

So why do people want to go out of Bulgaria and go elsewhere ?!?! Yes our economics aren't the best and there are simple things you can't change in the flick of an eye but are all other countries perfect!?!? I don't think so!
Besides there are so cool people here ;)

I don't know if you realize but even the work here (yes sometimes not so well paid) is not pain in the ass. You will say that this is bullshit but it isn't it is true!
I have a job without fixed time and by not fixed time you have to understand that 99% of the time if I ask not to go to work I am free to do what ever I want and if I get there not at 10:00 as "expected" I wont be killed at the door entrance. You will say - "yes but the salary"? Well I will keep this in secret but I get enough to live my life the way I want it :)
And my colleagues are just great :) a bunch of interesting and funny people ;) the boss is my favorite he just gets under my skin when he tells a joke or a funny story ;)
So what do I need more?!?! Oh yes a bowling place near me and some good cafes and disco clubs right :) well yes I do have them all around me :)
Yes not everyone is with this luck like me but be real Bulgarian lifestyle is much more cooler then in other countries and you know it... take for example the Americans 22 years restriction to alcohol and so on. Every single "alien" which arrived here is attracted to our country so don't leave it!
It is you home place and it is a good one.

Well all this was a bunch of thoughts I had.
Sorry if they are a bit messy and you don't find them interesting to read.

After all this is the place where I can write every thing right?

So at the end look at how we celebrate new year ... NEW 2007 EURO YEAR ;)