Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The productivity coefficient

The productivity coefficient formula is one tricky thing that not many people know and practice. This post is intended to bring some light over this topic so feel free to be angry when you learn how wrong you were about this.

So what is this coefficient formula for productivity?

This is it:
P = W / T

P = productivity coefficient
W = Work done
T = Time spend on work

What this simple formula tells us is that the longer you spent time at job the less the coefficient will be.
You will say yes but also the WORK DONE will increase... YES but lets be for real will the WORK DONE be
more that the time when you spent 11 hours at work than 4 ?
I don't think so and I proven it.
Actually statistics say that the average people going to job like 10:00 starts working at 14:00 and they work till 18:00 then again till the end they don't do much. Why ? It is simple! They have time! So why the haste?
We have time, we have work ... so if they really don't work for themselves it isn't likely to be productive.

Let's see the big picture in this.
I go to work usually at 10:00 and work till 19:00 I am so productive at the first two days then I need more sleep and more I get de-motivated and so on.
Now I work from 10:00 till 16:00 and I don't actually do muck off topic at work. I am motivated and I do the things more easily and it is all fun... and the big + in this is that I have time for myself :-)

This is real example guys ... I do this for real and it works for me and other people around me too.

But lets face it! If you have to do a project in 48 hours you shouldn't bother to NOT follow this :-)
This was a bit jokingly but if you don't believe me just try this for a week if you can and see the effect.
I recommend doing a graph of all the process so you can really see the difference.

Well this is it ;-)
Have fun and don't forget:

The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved...