Friday, January 05, 2007


Well I am a software developer who has decided to put a blog on the web to write about LIFE... the life and interests of IT people. The life of all the people who want to solve problems, find interesting information about IT and about themselves. Or maybe like some of us say - HACKERS! I don't really call myself so but many in my country say to me and my best friend that thing - "hey your a hacker". So I just will say that I am a programmer which has an appetite for solving problems of all kind. So if you are to be filled by the same hunger... welcome!

So finally ... Hi! My name is Yavor Ivanov.
I am more of a LAMP developer as P is for PHP ;-)
I am working at a small company in Bulgaria and just live my life the way I think is right!

As you will find here, I am writing about the following topics:
- Open Source
- Linux
- personal development
- and some miscellaneous stuff I will call HACKER'S STUFF

I appreciate comments and opinions.
I am open to suggestions.
I am not tall, just about 175 centimeters :-)
I like sport climbing, swimming, basketball...
brake dance, PROGRAMMING, bowling...
oooo and BEER and COFFEE too ;-)

I hope this BLOG will be helpful for you!

Greetings to all and cheers!